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Vanille 44 Is the Best Le Labo Fragrance

vanille 44 review

Our Le Labo Vanille 44 review:

Le Labo City Edition fragrances don’t necessarily smell like their namesake cities: The citrusy Limette, the San Francisco fragrance, smells like Miami, while the Miami fragrance, Tabac 28, smells like the floor of a gym. I love the London fragrance, Poivre 23, but I’m not convinced that London smells like pepper.

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Le Labo City Exclusives—Ranked

le labo city exclusive

It’s that Le Labo City Exclusives time of year again! The French-American fragrance brand Le Labo is, I swear, the only retailer on Earth that isn’t afraid to keep an exclusive. Each Le Labo city has a signature scent—and those City Exclusives, as they’re known, are only available in their home city, except for the magical month of September, when all the City Exclusives are available at all the Le Labos (and online). August is not as magical as September, but it is the month when you can buy samples of the 13 city exclusive scents. They’re tiny, and so absurdly expensive ($12/10€), but extremely addictive.

Below, our ranking for our three favorite Le Labo City Exclusive scents. Note that the products are linked to product pages but they often won’t work except during August and September, for the reasons above. Read More