About Us

Super Jolie is a beauty site for people who think the best beauty products are sleep, and food that doesn’t come out of a plastic bag (not judging), and exercise (“I hate it but I love it,” and if you get that reference, then I love you. Pterodactyl, backin’ out of trouble!)

I love beauty products, even though I don’t use many of them. When I do buy them, I want them to work. To find out about them, I usually turn to the same place everybody else does—Instagram and websites and magazines. But having worked and written for a slew of women’s magazines and websites, I know that any outlet that has advertisers—or a staff to pay—has a problem, just like an influencer with a brand to satisfy: Beauty brands pay the bills…but not so much if you criticize them.The best do “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.” Others don’t have that option, or don’t care, as long as they’re getting the clicks.

I started Super Jolie because I wanted a beauty website with a different ethos. So, some ground rules. Our posts will always reflect our honest opinions. We will review big brands—Chanel, Dior, Marc Jacobs, etc. etc.—positively or negatively. We’ll try out and support small, independent brands—the sort of thing you find on Etsy—as much as we can, but we’ll only share the good ones. (If you are an independent product maker, we’d love to test your stuff—see here for details.)

Long story short: If you love beauty products but don’t like being lied to, I hope you will spend some time here, or sign up for our newsletter, which I love and am obsessed with.