Victoria Beckham Eyeliner Review: It’s *So* Good

victoria beckham eyeliner review - image of victoria beckham eyeliner in sequin green

My Victoria Beckham eyeliner review: It’s perfection.

I have greasy eyelids — why? too many pizzas in my life? an unrepented sin from a past life? — so it is work to get eyeshadow to stick to my lids. For this reason, I’m an eyeliner girl. So I know what I want: deep color, ease of application, and longevity. I want all three, no compromises. Victoria Beckham eyeliner delivers.

victoria beckham eyeliner review - image of eyeliner

BUY IT HERE: Victoria Beckham Eyeliner: Victoria Beckham Beauty | Bergdorf Goodman | Violet Grey

Victoria Beckham Eyeliner Review: The Basics

This eyeliner is different. It glides on — glides! Like a glider, over a Swiss meadow, on the most beautiful day of the year. And the colors — the colors! So dark, so deep, so wonderfully pigmented. I started with the Sequin Green. (Tell you the truth, I have no idea where that titular “green” is coming from, because it’s a really beautiful gold shade. I mean, I guess if I squint I can kind of see the green undertones? But I’m working really, really hard for it.) They rotate in new colors all the time, and while I’m partial to old standbys like Sequin Green, Navy Noir, and Night Flash, I’m also extremely into Electric Blueberry, one of the limited-edition colors for summer 2023. Without question, some of the colors are better pigmented than the others — Sequin Green got the job done, while Sea Gray and Gold Lamé took some build. The other colors are:

Cherry Blossom (limited edition)
Sour Apple (limited edition)
Sea Gray
Navy Noir
Night Flash
Gold Lamé
Sequin Green
Smoky Quartz

My favorites in order: Sequin Green, Fig, Bordeaux, Navy Noir, and the limited-edition Electric Blueberry.

Note that the Victoria Beckham Beauty Satin Kajal Liner collection was formerly two collections: the regular one, and another one, formally known as Satin Kajal Jewel Liner. You won’t be surprised to hear that the latter group — Sequin Green, Gold Lamé, Smoky Quartz and Night Flash — was slightly more shimmery than the others. They’ve since all been grouped together (except on Bergdorf’s site — maybe they have older ones? IDK). I only mention this because I think this was all motivated by a desire to be clear about which eyeliners were shimmery, and which were more matte. Instead of separating them into Jewel and non-Jewel liners, they seem to now be relying on extra-glimmery product photos for the Jewel liners, like Sequin Green and Gold Lamé. Just know that IRL they’re not as glimmery as they look in those photos.

Victoria Beckham Eyeliners: How to Use

So obviously, with any commercial product, the trick is in the trade-offs: Maybe it glides right on, but it glides right off just as easily. Or maybe it’ll stay all day, but the product is user-unfriendly and hard to manipulate. These Victoria Beckham eyeliners are the rare product that manage to do both: They come on very easily, but after maybe 30 seconds or so, they’re pretty locked in.

Otherwise, they couldn’t be easier. Apply as you would apply any other eyeliner — along the lash line or the waterline. The dual-head pencil has a sponge tip for smudging opposite the pencil itself, which is useful if you don’t want sharp lines. And while you’ll save a dollar if you decide to opt out, they include a sharpener with every purchase, which is helpful — I don’t know about you, but I always think I have one, and then when I need it, I don’t. A couple twists of the sharpener and you’re back to a nice, sharpish line.

Final Questions:

Where can I buy Victoria Beckham Beauty eyeliners?
I bought mine on their site. But you can also get them at Bergdorf Goodman and Violet Grey. Here’s their full list.

Is Victoria Beckham Beauty at Sephora?
No. Not right now, anyway.

Are Victoria Beckham eyeliners good value for money?
They’re not cheap, at $30. But they’re worth it.

Is there a Victoria Beckham eyeliner discount code?
At the moment, there’s not, but if you give them your phone number you can get 15% off purchases over $75.

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