Did You Need a Fun, Foaming Cleanser?

Tatcha Rice Polish Foaming Enzyme Powder review

Tatcha Rice Polish Foaming Enzyme Powder Review: When I was in high school, I worked at the Body Shop — actually the Body Shop and the Gap, by which I mean Gap Kids, which was rather far down on the mall hierarchy of coolness. The Body Shop was better, not least because they let me make gift baskets. Making Body Shop gift baskets was just about the best job I’ve ever had.

As you’d expect, Body Shop employees got a discount on the goods, as a result of which I plowed most of my salary back into Coconut Body Butter and the best of all discontinued skincare products, Rum Raisin Lip Balm. Second best, though, were the Japanese Washing Grains: How exactly, we asked ourselves, could we use sand on our faces? And so: millions of suburban middle schoolers are introduced to exfoliation.

Tatcha’s Rice Polish Foaming Enzyme Powder also starts off as a powder, and is also an exfoliator, but unlike the Body Shop version, it’s not about strafing your face with a side of sandpaper. Instead of a physical exfoliator, Tatcha’s version is chemical, making use of the pineapple enzyme mentioned in its official product name. Pour some into your palm, put your palm under some warm water, and mix it up: Presto-change-o, it’s a foaming wash, not the wet-sand consistency of the Body Shop washing grains. Generally, this is all wonderful news for our faces, because most of us, outside of certain pirates, don’t need a super-rough physical exfoliator — the press on those has really turned, hasn’t it? (Sample concern: “Do you napalm your face daily?“) Man alive, I would if I could. If I could, I’d scrub my face with Japanese washing grains, or wet sand, or coffee grounds every morning, because there’s nothing like a really, really harsh exfoliator to make your face feel super-duper clean.

Except for the part about how it f’s your skin up.

Knowing that, Tatcha’s Rice Polish Foaming Enzyme Powder is a good replacement. It’s foamy, it’s fun, it starts off as a powder but ends up as a foam. It smells great, like everything from Tatcha, and it comes in a lovely, substantial piece of packaging. It’s gentle enough for daily use and it’s the perfect primer for Tatcha’s super-amazing oil cleanser. And if I want an exfoliator that really scrapes up my face, in an amazing way, there’s always Lush’s coffee scrub, which is wonderfully, and possibly too, abrasive. In short, my Tatcha Rice Polish Foaming Enzyme Powder review is that it’s great, even if sometimes I want a nuclear option. I still miss those Japanese washing grains.