Sand and Sky Pink Clay Mask Review

Sand and Sky Pink Clay Mask Review

Sand and Sky Pink Clay Mask Review

What They Say: “Our Australian botanical infused pink clay mask can be used as an instant detox mask to tighten pores, invigorate a dull complexion and instantly boost radiance.”

What We Say: Meh

The Review: This mask was so super-hyped that it sold out in the U.K. within two hours of landing on shelves. That is ridiculous because you know if it were literally any other color, except the color unicorn, it would have languished on those shelves like every other clay mask. Instagram—what will you make of us, besides pink-clay-mask-faced monsters?

This is a pretty straightforward situation: Apply the mask with the included, adorable mini-brush, and wait. (Oh, hold on, I skipped the step where you talk 4,000,000 photos of the mask while it’s still in its pale pink, pre-dry stage and post them all on Insta Stories.) Spoiler: the mask turns white. If the name of this product were the Sand & Sky White Clay Mask, I’d be the only who’d ever used it. In every regard except its (short-lived) pink color, it was exactly like every other clay mask I’ve ever worn: about 10 minutes in, it got itchy, and I scratched half of it off my forehead, and finally the timer on my phone went off and I washed it off.

I did find that this mask was even more drying than most other clay masks I’ve tried recently—great news, I guess, if you’ve got super-oily skin, but problematic for someone like me, with combination-ish. My skin felt so stripped that I would have poured olive oil all over it if I’d had a bottle in hand. As it was, I swabbed it with Josie Moran’s light argan oil, and then followed up with another moisturizer. Honestly: butter, Crisco, water, Slurpee, anything: the drying was intense.

On the other hand: granted, the first time I used this mask, I’d come straight from the airport and a nine-hour overnight flight, so I looked 100 years old, and gray. And what can I say: this mask put the pink (lol, but really) back in my cheeks. I looked sufficiently healthier, and non-jetlagged, after this mask that I’d recommend it to frequent fliers with oily skin.

I would use this again with the strongest moisturizer I own literally in hand for immediate application otherwise. I was impressed by the revivifying aspects—but not that impressed, given the hype and the price point.

Grades: Packaging: A; Hype: A+; Results: B. Value for Money: C

Buy It Again? Doubtful

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