Does Hairstory’s New Wash Cause Hair Loss?

new wash hair loss

I was surprised to see concerns about New Wash hair loss.

I have only one head of hair, with its own, unique body chemistry, history, temperament, etc: This is an anecdotal account. That said: I’ve used New Wash (Rich) for over a year, and I have yet to notice any hair loss that I believe might be related.

I started using New Wash as part of a multi-product effort to stop my hair breakage (a different problem from hair falling out at the root). (My doctor believe that the root of my problem is related to medication I take for a thyroid condition.) I have super fine, super fragile hair that tangles unbelievably easily — unless I use New Wash. The difference is incredible: When I use New Wash, I’ll have virtually no tangles post-shower at all — I mean, not a single strand. When I don’t, my hair goes back to the way it was before I started using — so it comes out of the shower a massive, tangled mess. I know you’re not supposed to brush out your hair when it’s wet, but I do (I know, I know). If I’ve used New Wash, I’ll lose maybe a strand or two. If I don’t, even if I use a massive amount of smoothing conditioner, I might lose enough to fill the entire brush. The difference is unbelievable.

The one problem I have had with New Wash, covered here, is residue, but I consider it a worthwhile trade, given how much less hair breakage I have when I use it.

I can believe that other people have had hair loss with New Wash — I don’t think every product works for every person, and that a product that helps my hair might damage someone else’s. And I stress that for me, New Wash is preventing hair breakage, not hair loss — if I were prone to loss rather than breakage, I can imagine that something in New Wash might make that worse. It’s clearly a known concern, as the New Wash website says that people who see more hair in their shower basin might see more because they’re washing it less frequently (as Hairstory recommends).

In short: I’ve used New Wash for 18 months, and I’ve seen no New Wash hair loss. If you’re worried about using it, I get it — figuring out what’s causing hair loss, and making sure you don’t exacerbate it, is super stressful. But if you’re considering it, I’d experiment with New Wash — with the caution that all new things deserve, but without too much worry.

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