Lush Dream Cream Review: Is This the Miracle Cream Everyone Says?

Lush Dream Cream Review

Lush Dream Cream Review. Grade: A+

What They Say: “What makes Dream Cream so effective? It contains every ingredient nature makes for soothing sore skin! One of our proudest product achievements ever.”

What We Say: This fixed my rosacea overnight. 

The Review: All of a sudden I realized I’d had a zit for a month. A month is a long time to have a zit — and as I took a closer look at it, I realized I didn’t have a zit but sort of a complex of irritation, with a zit surrounded by more redness and bumpiness. It was a lot, especially given that it was right in the middle of my face.

All that time, I’d thought I’d irritated my skin with some too-strong-for-me Dr. Dennis Gross peels — but it wasn’t going away. This wasn’t normal dryness, not least because of the bumpiness. Was it — rosacea? I didn’t know. I did know that I had a problem, so I showed it to my mom, and told her that if it didn’t clear up in three weeks, I would see a dermatologist. Right after I did that, I asked my sister for a recommendation, and she told me to stop by Lush and pick up a sample of Dream Cream.

Dream Cream, you may remember, sold out overnight after a review went viral last year: A British mom posted pictures showing how it’d fixed her baby’s eczema. I didn’t know that when I picked up my sample (for free, by the way). I put it on, forgot about it — and the next day, whatever was on my face had disappeared by half. The raised bit — the part I’d thought was a zit — was no longer raised. It’s two weeks later now, and I actually just put my hand to my face, to see if it had come back, but I couldn’t feel anything. It’s 80 percent better.

I actually just walked to the bathroom to check the mirror, to see if 80 percent is really true. It’s not: It’s more like 90 percent. If I didn’t know it was there, I wouldn’t have noticed it.

I just want to point out: It’s not like this splotch took five weeks to heal, and I just happened to use Dream Cream at the four-week mark. It hadn’t gotten any better for four weeks — if anything, it was getting worse. I was ready to go to a dermatologist — and I do not like going to doctors. This fixed it within a few days. If that’s not a skincare miracle, I don’t know what is.

Buy It Again? Absolutely. But I’d recommend that people with a problem to fix do what I did — get a sample and see if you see a difference. I did — overnight. Can’t beat that.

Get it here: Lush Dream Cream

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