I’m Sorry for My Skin Travel Jelly Mask Review

I'm Sorry For My Skin Travel Jelly Mask Review

I’m Sorry For My Skin Travel Jelly Mask Review

What They Say: “A travel-friendly shower and skincare pack that contains eight nourishing products to keep your skin, hair, and body in tip-top shape while you rack up miles.”

What We Say: F*** yeah! 

The Review: This is the most adorable thing, and a must for travel.

Here’s the thing about travel: It murders your skin. Would you like to know what you’ll look like in 10 years? Get off an overnight flight and take a long, hard look in the mirror on the way out of the airport. It’s terrifying.

Even worse—and it is hard to believe there could be anything worse than a health and beauty flash-forward like that—is that half the time I’ve forgotten everything I could possibly use to rectify the situation (moisturizer, a pocket-sized plastic surgeon, etc.) Honest to God: I’m lucky if I make it through airport security with toothpaste. The last time I flew, I brought the only tube of toothpaste currently on the market that’s like exactly one fluid ounce more than legally permissible, so it was requisitioned—and I literally had to fly to Romania without toothpaste, since not a single shop post-security sold it. Disaster. The odds of my successfully remembering moisturizer, and cleanser, and, like, a brush, are approximately zero.

Also, when I do remember everything, one of them invariably explodes in my bag. At the moment my hairbrush is coated in Christophe Robin’s rose shampoo, which is too expensive to be wasted like that.

Now: You may be a more together traveler than I am. Regardless: There’s no easier way to deal with your skin the morning after a big flight than this little mask-combo package. Cleansing oil, cleansing foam, toner, mask, emulsion, cream. (There’s also stuff for the shower: body wash and 2-in-1 shampoo #thanksno.) I usually don’t take that much time with my skin on vacation—sunscreen and water, max—so half the benefit with this set for me was the fact that it forced me to hang out and do some serious skincare repair work for 30 minutes.

Afterward, my skin looked super hydrated—and since I like a verging-on-shiny look, this was perfect for me It couldn’t have been better. If I was packing for a bride on her honeymoon, I’d throw this in there. It’s ingenious. If you were judicious with the amounts you could get away using just this for an entire (two-night) weekend away.

Interesting, I tested Sand & Sky’s Pink Clay Mask after a red-eye flight as well, and while it definitely made me look less like a corpse (read: “Brightening!”) it was ultra-drying—which actually is why I sought out a super-hydrating mask in the first place. Given the choice between super-hydrating and brightening post-travel, I personally lean toward the former.

I mean, they could definitely skip the “shampoo/conditioner” (WTF) because—just no—but other than that, I couldn’t improve on this. It’s adorable and functional, and it gets the job done.

Grades: Packaging: A+; Fun factor: A; Results: A-. Value for Money: A

Buy It Again? For sure, and what a fun gift for a friend going away. Loves it loves it.

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