Glow Recipe Strawberry Blur Drops Review: What a Waste of Money

Glow Recipe Strawberry Blur Drops - image of red packaging

My Glow Recipe Strawberry Blur Drops review: No stars, zero out of 10. Honestly, this just made me mad.

On my recent trip to Sephora, I asked one of the reps which product she thought would be Glow Recipe’s next big thing, following their extremely TikTok-famous Watermelon Dew Drops. Strawberry, she said! Specifically, Glow Recipe’s Strawberry Blur Drops — officially known as Glow Recipe Strawberry BHA Pore-Smooth Blur Drops, and unofficially known as a pore-reducer, smoother-outer, primer-adjacent serum.

Now, this choice was not without some controversy: As the first rep was telling me how much she liked it, a different rep came over and said: No, no. She didn’t like it, and she said reviews had been 50/50 at best, with naysayers reporting that it just didn’t do much for the price — a not-insubstantial $32, for a single ounce.

Can you already tell how much I hated this product?

Duly warned, I decided to give it my best shot and took it home.

glow recipe strawberry blur drops - image of packaging

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Glow Recipe Strawberry Blur Drops: It Starts Badly

Now here’s the thing: I am careful with products, especially those that cost $32 for a single ounce. But as soon as I flipped open the (rather flimsy) plastic top, a good-sized dob of it squirted out — some of which I managed to catch on my hand. It was a solid blob — if I’m doing my cost-per-milliliter calculations correctly, I’d judge that about $5 of it ended up on my wall before I’d even gotten to use it at home. This was not a great beginning.

Strawberry Blur Drops: How to Use

Outside of collecting what I could off my wall and then smooging it onto my face, there’s nothing tricky about using Glow Recipe Strawberry Blur Drops. It’s midway between a primer and a serum, which I interpret to mean that it’s got a little more shine (I refuse to say glow — it’s just a shine) than a regular primer. And it worked … I guess? For a moment, once I’d manipulated all the product that had squirted out onto my face, I could see that my complexion was more even and my pores were less noticeable. But the effect didn’t last. I mean it really didn’t last — like in that way your face goes from wet to dry after you’ve washed it. It lasted about that long. This was a very sad dry-down.

Still, I wanted to give this a solid chance, so I was determined to use it as my under-makeup treatment until it was gone (a process much hurried along by the trouble opening it up, which, believe it or not, happened two more times. When a product squirts out three times out of 20, there’s something more wrong the bottle than there is with my bottle-opening skills.)

You can tell I’m mad about all that wasted product. But that really wasn’t the main problem: The main problem was that you had to use loads of it to achieve your desired effect — even skin, a glowy vibe — and you did achieve it, it disappeared within 30 minutes.

Toward the end of the bottle (which came pretty quickly, given the dispensation issues), I would just forget to apply it, because it didn’t do anything at all for my face.

The Packaging: You’ll Never Guess What I Thought

For all the reasons above, I hated it. But I will give it one point back for being recyclable via Terracycle.

The Final Analysis

It’s a no from me, dawg.

Last Questions:

Would I use Glow Recipe Strawberry Blur Drops before or after sunscreen?
Well, for all the reasons above, I wouldn’t use it at all. But if I was using it, I’d use it before sunscreen, as a primer.

Are Glow Recipe Strawberry Blur Drops better for oily or dry skin?
Oily — the matte-ish finish might be too much for dry skin. You’ll want to layer a moisturizer over top, especially if you have dry skin.

Are Glow Recipe Strawberry Blur Drops vegan?

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