Faith in Face Gold Mask Review


Faith in Face Gold Mask Review: Grade C-

What They Say: “F.I.F’s Signature Gold Face Mask locks in moisture, helping with skin’s repair and recovery. This luxurious and innovative foil sheet mask is formulated to keep active ingredients from evaporating, so rough, dry skin is left feeling balanced and hydrated. Your at-home facial just got the Midas touch.

What We Say: Nope. 

The Review: Here’s the thing about masks: They’re cheap, but they’re not cheap. If I counted up all the money I spent over the course of a few months on masks, I could—easily—buy one of those fancy retinol products, which would probably last just as long. So the question is: What do I want from my skincare routine? A fun way to spend $6? Or better skin?

Of course, the ideal situation is a mask that’s just $6 and improves my skin, if only briefly. Some masks definitely do this—this is one of my recent favorites. This is to say: When you think about it in terms of price per use, $6 is kind of a lot. I want my $6 mask to do something, and it makes me angry when it doesn’t. Angry is how I felt about my Faith in Face Signature Gold Face Mask. Well, maybe not like violent—but disappointed that I spent my $6 and 20 minutes on something that made difference in the appearance of my skin after 30 minutes, an hour, six hours. I don’t think it’s too much to ask a mask to improve your skin for six hours. And the fact that I saw no difference just 30 minutes after I removed it: no good. I swear: I know the gold foil aspect is supposed to help lock in moisture, but I’ve never found this to be the case. I swear it’s just for the Instagramming.

Faith in Face says this particular mask should have addressed dryness/uneven skin texture; uneven skin tone (redness/dark spots); and dullness. I have all of those! (Well, not so much redness or dark spots, but I have everything else.) And this mask made no difference. It’d be one thing if I was using a mask to address acne, which I don’t have, only to see no results. I had uneven skin texture and dullness before and after the mask. Which means it didn’t work, and my $6 got sucked into a giant corporate beauty money machine, never to be seen again. Boo!

Buy It Again? Nope

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