This Is the One Diptyque Candle That Should Be a Permanent Pass

diptyque feuille de lavande candle promo image

Diptyque Feuille de Lavande candle review: Mais non.

I don’t have a problem spending a little on the right candle: Life is short, shall it not smell like a bouquet of violets? Of course it should. And of all the pricey candle lines, Diptyque is my favorite, both because of their winning collaborations and the scents. My favorite candles — Feu de Bois, Sapin de Noel, the aforementioned Violette — are all Diptyque.

Then, however, we come to our Diptyque Feuille de Lavande candle review — and I say, unfortunately, they have gone too far. Outside of the always-pleasing typography-driven label, there’s nothing to recommend this $$$$$ lavender candle over all the $ lavender candles. Get it at Bath & Body Works. Get it at 7-11. Just don’t spend your hard-earned money on a candle that’s not doing anything a regular-old lavender candle can’t do.

Now of course: Diptyque is too fancy to simply sell a lavender candle — this is the Feuille de Lavande, or lavender leaf. And of course the accompanying editorial suggests that this candle recalls “a summer sky and lavender bushes on the hills of Haute Provence.”

Honestly, it’s just tiring.

I know that if I were developing a French candle line, I wouldn’t be able to have one without a lavender variety. Lavender is France — more specifically, as they say above, it’s Provence in the summer, when you can walk into purple fields that really do smell like this candle. But usually right next to those fields is a local selling lavender oil and other lavender-derived products — including candles. And those candles? Those candles cost €5, not €35 (for a mini!) I actually have a candle from one of those places, and it smells exactly like this.

Finally: Lavender is a delicate scent, so I didn’t go into this thinking it would throw like Baies, truly a room-filling scent if ever there was one. But this is the sort of candle where you have to go stand over it and sort of waft the hot scent into your nose if you’re going to get a whiff. Seriously, mine is burning right now and it’s so unobtrusive as to be non-existent.


You can buy it at SpaceNK if you resist all advice to the contrary.

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