Chanel L’Eau Tan Review

l'eau tan chanel review

The Review: Chanel L’Eau Tan

What They Say: “Inspired by the first self-tanning skincare product created by Mademoiselle Chanel, L’Eau Tan is a self-tanning body mist that offers the progressive and natural tan of skin delicately caressed by the sun and the fresh air. ”

What We Say: A surprising little monster.

The Review: Chanel l’Eau Tan is is supposedly a modern update on l’Huile Tan, apparently employed by Coco herself in pursuit of a lasting glow. We’re betting that l’Huile Tan, like l’Eau, definitely did not come with an SPF.

Normally, I’m a hard pass on face misters: Everything’s nice for a minute and then it’s all sticky, which is a criticism that could and should be deployed in more situations. I’ve never entirely understand the psychology of stowing one in a purse and spritzing in a particularly heated moment. Life is complicated enough without the constant possibility of a spritz.

I was, though, intrigued by this product—not least, and possibly primarily, because it is one of the most beautiful beauty products I’ve ever seen, with its frosted glass, super classy labeling, and its heft: Nothing says luxury like a face mister with heft. I was skeptical in terms of what it might be able to accomplish. For one thing, it smells good, the work of “famed Chanel nose” Olivier Polge (past credits: Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb and Balenciaga’s Florabotanica). And it was sticky, but it wasn’t very sticky. (It’s about 1 percent as sticky as these things usually are.)

All that said, I was here for the glow, and after a few days of application, I didn’t see one. (Chanel says to build up to the level of tan you’re looking for with daily applications, and then maintain with spritzes two or three times a week.) I found this extremely disappointing, given the fact that that little bottle cost $60.

Just when I was ready to resign myself to a new Chanel-themed paperweight (it is lovely to look at), I met a friend for an event, and she complimented my tan. She’d seen me only three days earlier, and I hadn’t been out in the sun. There is no one to credit but Chanel. This would be their MO, right? A tan so subtle (read: not orange) that it takes a friend with perspective to see it. Despite my earlier misgivings, I don’t know a cheaper product that does the job so assiduously, or so stylishly.

Buy It Again? Yes.

Further Reading: Meet Olivier Polge, Chanel’s New Fragrance Creator” (NY Times),”5 Self Tanning Mists for Your Best Summer Glow Ever” (Vogue)

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